We have BIG news………

But before I share our news, first things first. I hope you all had a glorious Thanksgiving…..we sure did. Howie’s niece, Nikki, lives about 1.5 hours north of where we are. She and her husband, Steve, graciously invited us to their home for a wonderful dinner with all of Steve’s family. It was a real blessing to be with family for the holiday! Nikki sent us home with bags of pecans from her backyard and home canned apple butter!! Yum!

The weather has finally warmed up and yesterday we were able to enjoy a PERFECT day at the beach. The water was cold but we did get in to cool off a couple of times. I got in almost to my waist but Howie “road the waves” for a while.

My beach bum!

A slow motion example of God’s power and wonder!

While out for a recent bicycle ride, we came upon some local wildlife. Thought I would share their pictures with you.

Our very first (LIVE) armadillo!
And our SECOND alligator!

One recurring, unmistakable event here along the southern coast are the amazing sunsets. Practically every evening if you look to the west, you’re breath will be taken away. The colors are fantastic – it’s a shame that camera’s don’t completely capture the beauty!

So Howie and I love this motorhome life but we decided we would like to establish a home base….a permanent address even if we don’t live there permanently. So we’ve given this a lot of thought and prayer and last weekend we drove to my sisters home in Naples where we BOUGHT A HOME! It’s actually a villa (duplex) in the same Naples community as Marj and Larry – Island Walk. We’re super excited and hope to close before the end of the year.

I will write more once we close on the villa and have definitive plans for moving all our things. Once we’re settled, you’re all invited to come visit – not all at once, please! But as always, until then, Happy Trails!

Published by Ramblin' Rosie

We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

5 thoughts on “We have BIG news………

  1. Peg this is great news! You will love it there, we thought that Larry and Margis place was awesome! So happy for you and Howie!! So happy your enjoying life and just traveling and having fun. Seize the moment because you just never know when things will change. love ya


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