Huckleberries are actually a real thing…..

Yes, huckleberries do exist.  We first started hearing of them and seeing them in northern Idaho, but they are really a big deal here in northwestern Montana.  We are very lucky to be here in August as they are ready for harvest this month.  Here, they are known as the Montana blueberry and they only grow wild in the mountain shrubs.  Locals pick them and sell them to a few stores.  Because they can not be grown commercially and because it takes a very long time to pick a gallon, they are very pricy – $16.00/pound.  It takes about 2 pounds to make a pie!

But of course, I thought i just had to try my hand at making one of these wonderful pies so I gave it a shot!  Here’s the recipe I used which I got from  This pie was the perfect combination of sweet and tart!


5 cups northwestern wild blue huckleberries

1 1/2 cups sugar

5 Tablespoons cornstarch

4 Tablespoons tapioca (I recommend using the “quick” type)

1 teaspoon fresh grated lemon rind

3 Tablespoons butter

Mix all ingredients, except butter, with a spoon so everything is well distributed.  Then pour into a prepared pie crust.  Dot the top with the butter.

Prepare a second crust by rolling it so there will be about 1 inch overlapping around the pie.  Also, cut decorative vents into the crust.  Wet the top edge of the pie crust, then place the second crust on top.  Crimp and pinch the two crusts together to make a decorative edge and to seal the two piecrust.

The pie can be refrigerated until you want to bake it or bake it right away.  Place it into a preheated oven set at 450 degrees.  Bake for 15 minutes, then turn the temperature down to 350 and bake for 30-40 more minutes or until the filling starts to bubble over.  The pie should be done if the crust is a golden brown.

Let the pie cool on a cooling rack, then refrigerate before slicing to ensure the filling is “set” properly.  Top with a pile of home made whipped cream!

ENJOY – We sure did!



Published by Ramblin' Rosie

We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

3 thoughts on “Huckleberries are actually a real thing…..

  1. I’m with Howie! One of the best tasting pies ever! It is full of flavor and the combo of sweet and tart is near perfection! So glad I have a sister with ambition and determination to try new foods and recipes!


  2. Your huckleberry pie looks yummy!! You are definitely the pie lady Peg!! I didn’t see Goldilocks when you sent pictures of the two bears yesterday! I hope those bears didn’t eat her!!!😘🐻🐻🤫😳❤️


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