Taos, New Mexico…..a step back in time?

I’m just not sure how to best describe Taos. In my mind, I thought it was a super affluent community full of artists. I was partially correct, but I find Taos a warm and welcoming community, in the heart of the desert. It IS full of artists, specializing in jewelry, pottery, paintings, and woven items. I’ve read several books where the characters took weaving classes while in Taos so I made Taos a “pick” because I really wanted to learn to weave on a loom. Unfortunately, there were no classes and I didn’t see a single loom…..maybe I was just in the wrong place. Here are a few scenes along the way to Taos.

The next morning after staying at the Albuquerque Cracker Barrel, we awoke to balloons in the sky. Very pretty, but it reminded us that the Balloon Fiesta is cancelled due to Covid 19. We’re so sorry to miss this awesome event!

Marj and I have a rule…..we don’t cook on travel days! We all LOVE Mexican cuisine and we were in the right area to experience the best of the best….so it’s not surprising that we found ourselves at Antonios, a restaurant very near Taos Valley RV Park, the campground where we are staying. I have to say – if you’re ever in Taos, eat at Antonios!!! Not only is the food superb, but Antonio himself, was our personable waiter as well as the chef!! Such a nice guy who really knows how to prepare food. Howie and Larry had the Chile Rellano en Nogada (left), Marj had a combination (no pic), and I had the beef tacos (right). Oh So Good! For dessert Howie and I shared Chocolate Chipotle Cake and Marj and Larry had sopapillos!

Larry and Howie each received Blackstone Grills as gifts and they’re great….the boys love cooking on them, which gives Marj and I a break in the kitchen. We bought pizzas from Papa Murphys and they turned out great on the Blackstone!

We were in the Taos square on Saturday morning. The native vendors were there with their wares – especially fresh grown vegetables. Everything was displayed so colorfully and professionally, it was hard to resist buying one of everything.

The pueblo style architecture here is about 100% of the construction seen – it is very attractive and lends well to the landscape.

This pueblo was the home of Kit Carson, Indian Agent, Fur Trapper, U.S. Army Officer and Wilderness Guide. He was also a cousin to Daniel Boone.

This cemetery has a bit of a different look compared to what we are used to seeing. And it was lit up at night. So colorful.

Marj and I “found” a cactus that we divided and planted into pots. We spent more time tweezing out the cactus stickers from our hands and fingers than we did planting!!! I think this is a prickly pear, which is aptly named!

One attraction here is the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, around 600 feet high. After dinner we went for a ride to see this huge crack in the earth.


We have less than a month now before arriving back home in Naples…….we all agree that in spite of a few set backs here and there along with a few disappointments because of Covid, we have definitely traveled the “Happy Trails”!

Published by Ramblin' Rosie

We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

3 thoughts on “Taos, New Mexico…..a step back in time?

  1. Cousin’s Peg and Marj – my wife Sandy and I were in Taos this past Saturday as well!! How incredible is that! Great town. We’ve been staying in Santa Fe for a few days with Taos, Los Alamos and Bandelier National Monument as day trips. I’ve enjoyed seeing your travels. We love coming to the Southwest. Safe journeys! Joe/Sandy Koch


    1. Hi, Joe! I wonder if we passed each other on the street?? It would have been so much fun to see you two. We’re certainly enjoying our time here. How long will you be in Santa Fe?


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