As Willie Nelson sang so well….We’re “on the road again”!

First, let me say that this post was actually written on day 1 of our trip. Since I’m posting it on July 10th, and you’ve done the math, you realize that it is only 10 days late. Our first stop was in an isolated state park and there was NO INTERNET. Our next stop was in Savannah at a super nice RV resort but NO INTERNET!! Our third stop was in Charleston, SC and NO INTERNET! What?? So I apologize for the delay….but now onward to my post!

(Written July 1) As they say….timing is everything. Just as tropical storm Elsa is heading for the Caribbean, then on to the Gulf side of Florida, our two family caravan left Naples this morning around 9:30 to head north east to our first destination, St. Augustine! If Elsa follows us east, we will hopefully be into Georgia before she can reach us!

The temperatures, like most places right now in the states, is soaring with the humidity even higher! And it’s the rainy season as well! We love Florida but are happy and ready to move on up the East Coast for the summer.

As we passed through central Florida it was a little hard to not stop for a visit with “the mouse” and all his friends. Call me a kid, but I really enjoy Disney!

While we’re actually on the road driving right now, let me catch you up since I lasted posted on May 17th……

Mother’s Day was a real treat – my son, Casey was scheduled to DEEP dive (scuba) in the Atlantic. But he flew into the Gulf side, drove to Pompano Beach for his week of diving, then came back for a few days before flying home. This all just happened to fall over Mother’s Day – it was a true blessing to be with him!

In the meantime, Howie has found a new pastime…..he’s into making sourdough bread. At the start of Covid, he sent for a starter from San Francisco. It wasn’t until about a month ago that he remembered it and went to work. He’s gotten quite good at it really and can turn out a great loaf with a nice “ear” and a perfect “crumb”!!

Then my daughter, Amanda and grand kids, Kailey and Garrett came for 12 days. Kailey brought her best friend, Dani, and we really enjoyed a lot of time running between the beach and the pool. It’s awesome having visitors!

Next, my sister, Lori and her husband Vic were in the area so we got to enjoy dinner out one night with them and the Moritz’s. It’s so nice to have sisters!

After they left, we scurried for two days, prepping for our trip. Lots to be done – what clothes to take, grills, beach stuff, food, etc., etc. All that along with the usual day to day business of getting dogs groomed, doctor appointments, meeting with the house sitter, and so on! Whew!

We arrived at our campsite at Faver-Dykes State Park which is actually a bit south from St. Augustine. The summer rain clouds are rolling in so we’re really thankful to be in Junebug who pretty much knows how to set herself up! Once we settled in, we went to Captain’s BBQ and enjoyed a good ole’ southern meal of brisket, smoked turkey, burnt ends and pulled pork!

So far we’ve scheduled a private tour of St. Augustine which we plan to do on Saturday morning…..but for now, I’ll be saying goodnight. It’s been a busy few days and I’m exhausted. I’ll be writing soon, including a review of this campground. It’s actually quite small – only 28 sites and it’s really back in the boonies. It’s super isolated and quiet except for the noisy night insects that are insisting on singing us to sleep. (AND waking us up throughout the night!)

So for now, I will simply leave you with…..Happy Trails!

Published by Ramblin' Rosie

We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

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