Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – Part A Philadelphia, PA

This is one of the stops we have all anticipated! It’s such a contrast to some of the other places we’ve been. It’s very serene with beautiful farm scenery (I may be a bit prejudiced, having been raised on a farm!) and it is the ultimate in a simpler life! There’s so much to share, that I decided to do the Lancaster post in segments – I hope you enjoy seeing this beautiful countryside as much as I have!

After leaving Harpers Ferry in West Virginia, we once again crossed the Potomac and 3 states in about 10 minutes time – West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. We entered into Pennsylvania and arrived at our new site at the Lancaster/New Holland KOA at about 12 noon. As soon as we entered Lancaster County, we knew it was Monday – “wash day”. I grew up with Monday’s being the day to do laundry – without exception! So I got a real giggle when I started noticing all the laundry hanging on the lines!!

On arrival we took the rest of the day to just settle in….but the next morning, we were back in the car heading for Philadelphia, about an hour away. Seeing the Liberty Bell was on the “must do’s” for all of us – plus it was Marj’s birthday, so we wanted to do something special. It was a record hot day in Philly, but we still really enjoyed seeing the Bell, Congress Hall, and Independence Hall.

This is the very room where George Washington was sworn in to his 2nd term as president in 1793. George wasn’t really interested in being president again but James Madison talked him into it, telling George that he was the “glue that held them all together”.

This is the tomb of the unknown soldier from the Revolutionary War. It is located in a beautiful area of Washington Square where there are actually 1000’s of soldiers buried.

From Philly, we drove back to Lancaster County and ate at Olive Garden, one of Marj’s favorite restaurants. After dinner, we drove through the countryside seeing the sights, then we enjoyed an ice cream at Lapp Family Farm. Their ice cream is made with milk from the cows raised right there on the farm and it is positively delicious!

We experienced a beautiful ending to a wonderful day. I guess it’s true that you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl, as this is one of my favorite photos (Taken on the Lapp Farm.)

Wishing you many more happy birthdays, Marj!!


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We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

4 thoughts on “Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – Part A Philadelphia, PA

  1. Seeing the windmill reminds me of A Normas story when Grandma was expecting her in October Grandpa was in the field n when the time came they were to start the windmill n he would come home. Wonder how many times he looked at the windmill 😊


    1. Mary – I love that story….I had never heard that before. Thanks for sharing and thanks for following along with us!


  2. I am so enjoying traveling with you to all of these wonderful destinations!! Brings back so many wonderful memories of our family trip out East. Lancaster was one of my favorites…I met a wonderful Amish gal my age and we wrote for many years. While you are enjoying your travels, we are “putting up corn”! Enjoy your “Happy Trails”! Happy Birthday to Marj 🙂 Love each of you!!


  3. Loved seeing all these pictures! That picture of the sunset that you liked Peg was amazing!! Looks like Marj had a wonderful birthday, including the ice cream!! Love to all!!


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