Bar Harbor, Maine

We arrived in Maine on the tail of Hurricane Henri. There was little to no impact here in the Bar Harbor area and the drive here was unremarkable – we were thankful as it looked like we could be in the thick of the storm for a while.

On arriving, we took our time setting up and spent a leisurely afternoon relaxing. The next morning, I got up at 6:30 am (unheard of for me!) and I drove to two separate beaches looking for, yep…you guessed it, sea glass. I spent about 1.5 hours at the first beach, Frenchmen’s Bay which is a very rocky and treacherous beach. It was very hot and I only found 1 rather boring piece of glass. So, I drove to the second beach, Sandy Beach in Acadia National Park and spent another 1.5 hours only to find two very tiny green pieces of glass – not what I had hoped, but Sandy Beach is a very pretty area.

Bar Harbor is a very cute little seacoast town and it attracts many visitors and tourists. Downtown is full of very cool shops and restaurants. We ate at Geddes where Howie had a “first encounter of the closest kind” with a lob-stah!! Never having had a lobster before, he quickly googled how to eat one before his dinner was served and he didn’t do too badly!

On Friday, we did some shopping in Bar Harbor before heading on a road trip through Acadia National Park. This loop runs mostly along the coastline then through the forest. It’s a beautiful drive and we had another beautiful day of decent temperatures and sunshine. I wish pictures would do justice to the actual beauty we saw today – even though, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Nothing much better than a campfire weinie roast for dinner!

Once more, I got up early to look for sea glass – I had been told that sea glass might be found on Bar Island, a small island off of the shore of Bar Harbor. During low tide, you can actually walk on a sand bar to the island. Unfortunately, even though I enjoy the hunt, I came up once more with “zippo” sea glass!!!

While on Bar Island, I saw a guy taking a photo through a glass globe camera lens – I started talking with him and found is name was Scott Kilwen who described himself as an aspiring amateur professional photographer. He was so kind to share a photo that he took the day before, using this technique. A very interesting photo – enjoy! (He did give me permission to post these photos!)

We only really got to one light house in Bar Harbor, the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. To get the coastal shot, we had to hike down a ways, then climb out on to some rocks – but it was fun. Then we hiked to another coastal area which was another bit of a challenge but a great adventure.

We really enjoyed visiting the Maine coastal towns – so many in the livelihood of fishing and catching lobster. Knowing this is their way of life, it carries a very romantic aura with all the trawlers and boats moored in the harbors. It made for some very classic New England seascapes! Here are some of my favorite coastal shots – hope you enjoy them!!

And finally, here are some examples of more wonderful New England architecture and gardens found throughout the towns!

Our next destination is one that we all have been anticipating….Vermont! We’ve got about a 7 hour drive tomorrow, so we plan to be on the HAPPY TRAIL by 8 AM. Stay safe, everyone!

Published by Ramblin' Rosie

We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

4 thoughts on “Bar Harbor, Maine

  1. Enjoying your trip out East. Brings memories as we have been to a number of the same places. Peg you do a super job with pictures n narration. Safe travels!


  2. As always, your pics are wonderful!!! Your hunt for sea glass reminds me of my hunts for morels. Hopefully one time we will hit the motherload!!


  3. Love all these New England pictures! The coastal pics, the architectural pictures of the homes and the flowers are all amazing!! God’s beauty everywhere! ❤️


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