The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum – OKC

I have a bit of a confession…..all my life, I wanted to be Annie Oakley! When I was little, I used to sit for hours listening to my 45 rpm record player. One of the records was songs about Annie Oakley – right then and there, she became my hero!

So it’s not too surprising to know that I was super excited to go to the Cowboy Museum! This post will be mostly visual since that’s what a museum is all about. Hope you enjoy looking around as much as I did!

The first exhibit was cowboy hats – if you look closely at the name plates, you will find some famous and easily recognized hats.

Then there was head wear of another kind……amazing!

Next, typical clothing found in the wild west……more amazing!

In the next room were saddles ranging from the very ornate to the most basic.

Housing differed from tribe to tribe. Some definitely appeared to be more comfortable than others.

Room after room of many art forms.

There was more art outside in the form of huge bronze statutes.

We had to choose the items we would take in our wagon if we had set out on a journey west. It was hard to pick and keep the weight under 3000 pounds. How do you think I did?

Riding in a stagecoach was NOT an easy mode of transportation. We thought there were springs but there were multiple heavy leather straps to cushion the ride. (the black under the red carriage) Four horses pulling a stagecoach could go 18 miles in one day. Hope they had a good book to read!!!

A few Howie photos!

And now for the very best part……ANNIE OAKLEY!!!! We’re best friends now!


“End of the Trail” – iconic statue by

artist James Earl Fraser in 1928.

Can you just hear them??


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2 thoughts on “The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum – OKC

  1. Being a huge fan of cowboys and Indians, I loved this! Thanks for sharing! I’m surprised you didn’t try to take Annie Oakley with you! I love you guys!


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