Every year, I write about Gulf Shores, Alabama. That is largely because we ALWAYS stop here. We simply love the Gulf State Park Campground. To find out why, read my upcoming post on the campground.

Just one state away from home after almost 4 months on the road

Other than the campground, we like the area because it is right on the gulf and even though it’s a bit “touristy” it’s not super congested or over populated. We don’t do much here which may add to our enjoyment of the area because we just kind of go to the beach daily and just chill. Listening to the waves roll in along with the call of the sea gulls is very relaxing and therapeutic. That is until you spill a container of chips and the squawking birds are forming a cloud of flapping wings above your head!! Anyway, I really enjoy trying to capture their antics and quest for food scraps.

We were here for 8 days but I don’t feel that I have anything really interesting to post – we spent four days on the beach, ate at a few good restaurants, did a little shopping and antiquing (didn’t find any REAL treasures) and Howie even worked one day.

The best thing we did do, was to meet up with my cousin, Rhonda Meister and her husband, Spark. They have a condo on the beach and somehow we’re usually lucky enough to be here at the same time! So we met for breakfast at the Sunshine Diner, a 50’s themed restaurant and we had a great time catching up once again. There’s just nothing like family!! It warms the heart and brings back so many wonderful memories about growing up!

We also met for dinner with a couple we met while at Shipshewana. Becki and Randy are full rime RV’ers from California. It was fun to compare campground notes – but I regret to say that I didn’t think to snap a picture to include in my post. Wishing them safe journeys and Happy Trails!

I am NOT an adventuresome eater…..not at all! So it was a BIG stretch for me to try an alligator bite! (Fried alligator tail) Hmmmmm……it really DOES taste like chicken!!

Another restaurant that’s rather fun is Lambert’s – Home of the Throwed Rolls! The gimmick here is the waiter pushing a cart of huge, hot rolls which they throw across the room to the hands waiting to catch them. While the food is plentiful, it’s good but not great……but those hot rolls are certainly very good!

One thing we DID do that we just really can’t recommend – one day we drove to the western tip of the Gulf Shores peninsula, Fort Morgan, and we took the ferry to Dalphin Island where Fort Gaines sits. Historically, these two forts protected Mobile bay. I had read that the beaches on this island are Alabama’s hidden gems, boasting caribbean blue, clear waters and great shelling. We drove to three different beaches, none with exceptionally wonderful water or shells, so we got back on the ferry and went back to Gulf Shores where we feel the water and beaches are much better. Maybe we just hit a bad day – but I did finally get to check it out.

From here, we’re continuing east – our next destination, Destin, Florida where we’ll be for a week before arriving back in Naples. Traveling in the motorhome is a great adventure – an opportunity that we feel very blessed to have……but Dorothy was right, “there’s no place like home!” It will be good to see the ole’ homestead and our friends there again as well as Marj and Larry who we didn’t travel with this year. Our trails took us in different directions this year, so it will be good to see them again too.

HAPPY TRAILS, everyone!

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We are retired nurses with a desire to explore the United States, and beyond, in our Winnebago motor home. We are accompanied our three pups, Fanny May, Kaiser, and Rosie.

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