We have been living in a whirlwind…. then throw in a holiday!

Oh. My. Goodness. So much to say since we last posted! December 1st was our last post….sorry for the huge gap without hearing from us. I had mentioned that we bought a house in Naples….little did we know all that was ahead of us when our offer was accepted! We closed on the house onContinue reading “We have been living in a whirlwind…. then throw in a holiday!”

Campgrounds where we’ve stayed…..

We realize that many of you may be following us because you too have dreams to travel in an RV and you may be looking for information on places to stay. So we’ve started this new “mini-critique” category outlining campgrounds where we’ve stayed. Here’s what it takes for Howie and I to give a campgroundContinue reading “Campgrounds where we’ve stayed…..”

Have you ever been to New Orleans??

This is actually our second time here. I didn’t think it would be a place that I would care for but the culture is so different and interesting. It’s a party for your senses! You can’t escape the sounds of the city from boats passing by on the water to the steady clip clop ofContinue reading “Have you ever been to New Orleans??”

Diamonds, diamonds everywhere……

And not a single one found by us!! We are in Hot Springs Arkansas, birthplace of President Clinton and home of historic bath house row! Yesterday we drove over an hour south to Crater of Diamond State Park where the largest diamond found in the USA was mined. It’s still active and open to theContinue reading “Diamonds, diamonds everywhere……”

We’re in the Bluegrass capital of the nation!

So here’s how it happened…….it was the night before leaving St. Louis and Howie was browsing the internet looking for things to see in Arkansas. Our plan was to meander south toward Hot Springs to spend a week or so before moving along. He found a town called Mountain View in the north central partContinue reading “We’re in the Bluegrass capital of the nation!”