Polson/Flathead Lake KOA – Polson, MT

KOA’s are almost always great campgrounds and this one did not disappoint. The amenities were top notch – of course you pay a bit more. We had full hookups with gravel sites that were fairly level. We had a regular site with grass and a picnic table while Marj and Larry had a premier siteContinue reading “Polson/Flathead Lake KOA – Polson, MT”

Merry Widow Spa and Mine Campground – Basin, Montana

Basin is practically a ghost town but it served us well with the Merry Widow Campground for the night and a decent meal at the Silver Saddle Cafe. There used to be gold and silver mines here in the 1800’s but now it has a cafe and a couple of pizza places. I don’t rememberContinue reading “Merry Widow Spa and Mine Campground – Basin, Montana”

Mountain Meadows RV Park, Hungry Horse, Montana

So you might be asking why we are staying at two different campgrounds in the little town of Hungry Horse – a very fair question.  When we could not get into Canada due to border closure, we had to scramble to fill in the almost 5 week void.  We decided to stay in Glacier forContinue reading “Mountain Meadows RV Park, Hungry Horse, Montana”

Glacier National Park…….beautiful!

There are so many beautiful places on God’s great earth but Glacier National Park has to rank in the top 10!  Most of the pictures that you see on the “Your Vote Matters” post were taken here at Glacier.  Around every bend in the road is yet another view that takes your breath away.  OurContinue reading “Glacier National Park…….beautiful!”

Huckleberry Pie…..Chapter II !

I came upon another recipe for Huckleberry Pie… this one is a Huckleberry CREAM Pie. I couldn’t help myself – I just had to make it.  We had it after supper tonight with Marj and Larry and the vote was almost unanimous…….the cream pie beat out the fruit pie!!! HUCKLEBERRY CREAM PIE 3/4 cups whiteContinue reading “Huckleberry Pie…..Chapter II !”

Timber Wolf RV Park and Cabins, Hungry Horse, Montana

This RV park is just 6 miles outside the west entrance to Glacier National Park.  It’s in the town of Hungry Horse which got it’s name in 1900.  It seems that two horses, Jerry and Tex wondered away from the logging camp in the dead of winter.  One month later, the two horses were found,Continue reading “Timber Wolf RV Park and Cabins, Hungry Horse, Montana”

Huckleberries are actually a real thing…..

Yes, huckleberries do exist.  We first started hearing of them and seeing them in northern Idaho, but they are really a big deal here in northwestern Montana.  We are very lucky to be here in August as they are ready for harvest this month.  Here, they are known as the Montana blueberry and they onlyContinue reading “Huckleberries are actually a real thing…..”