OK, this is really awkward but I promise you it was not rigged! Unfortunately, not many of you submitted your vote for the final photo contests. Because my sisters are loyal family members, the majority of the votes came from them so it stands to reason that two of them were the winners, right? So my younger sister, Bev, won a jar of Huckleberry Jam for choosing the most beautiful photo, while my older sister, Donna won a jar for choosing most fun/cute photo. They’re in for a treat – none of us knew that huckleberrys were a real thing and were delighted to find this unknown treat in the Wild West.

The winning photo for most beautiful was the T. A. Moulton barn in Jackson Hole, WY. I’m glad that photo was recognized by all of you because my sister, Marj made me get up around 4:45 in order to be there for the sunrise on the Tetons. It was an early morning but so “worth it” as the changes over the mountains were amazing. I highly recommend being at the barn for sunrise if you’re ever in the area.

The winning photo for most cute/funny goes to my sweet hubby, Howie. He was so excited about going to his top pick for the trip, Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. I believe that I captured the child-like happiness on his face which caused you all to vote for that photo. There’s nothing like pure joy on a childs face, right?

And none of us will forget the video I shot of Marj tearing through the streets of West Yellowstone on her hot-rod scootie chair. I still laugh whenever I think of her racing me to the campground. Of course, it was chosen as the best video of the trip!

I’m hoping you all will be following us this summer as we travel up the entire eastern coastline, from Florida to Maine, then traveling west through Amish country, Niagra Falls, the North Woods, down through Illinois as we head for home. This trip, like the last one, will be about four months, leaving July 1st and returning home at the end of October.

Please consider “subscribing” to my blog which you then will get notice each time I post. And get active with voting for your favorite photos – you never know what unknown product we might find in the East which would become the prize for the voting winners!

As always…….Happy Trails! Until we meet again!

And the winners are………..! This vote IS the “FINAL ANSWER”!

Oh my…..where does time fly to? It’s been about a month and a half already since we returned home from our wonderful adventure! My apologies for not getting this final photo contest out to you all! I just got caught up – first, with unpacking and restoring back to our “normal”, then the holidays were upon us. Thanksgiving was a quiet affair, but we enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal with Marj and Larry. Since then, I’ve been busy preparing for Christmas….my goal was to be completely ready by Dec. 1st – and I MADE IT! All gifts are here and wrapped, the Christmas cards are mailed, and all my baking is done. Almost… as I like to roll all my raw cookie dough into balls, then I flash freeze them and store them in zip locks in the freezer. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like fresh baked cookies so by baking as needed, it eliminates the work and allows us to enjoy fresh baked through the holidays! As it turns out, it was an absolutely blessing to have Christmas prep done by the 1st…..Howie ended up having a total hip replacement on December 3rd! I’m happy to report that just Day 4 post op, he’s doing extremely well! God is good all the time!!!

Now, on to the final photo contest! Below, you will find the winning photos from each photo contest and for each category. The goal is to determine the absolute best of the best. So now I ask that you, one last time, choose your favorite for EACH of the categories, A = Beautiful and B = Cute/Fun. In about a week, I will post the two ultimate winners. If you voted for a winning photo, I will be sending you a prize of the coveted Huckleberry Jam. (Huckleberry has quickly become Howie’s favorite flavor, regardless if it’s jam, pie, ice cream, taffy, etc. etc.!) REMEMBER, if more than one of you picks the winning photos, those names will be put into a hat and ONE will be picked (per category).

So please…..don’t hesitate – get your votes in NOW and good luck!

Category A – BEAUTIFUL

Category B – CUTE/FUN

Make your picks and submit ASAP. The winner for each category will win

a jar of Huckleberry Jam – it’s SO good!! Good Luck and


Am I Dreaming? I keep hearing Dorothy say, “There’s no place like home”!

Yes, we are back home in Naples, Florida. And while there is certainly some truth to Dorothy’s murmurings, we now know that home is where you park it! We have been through 20 states and have enjoyed the beauty around us. We have met so many wonderful people along the way. But now that we’re home, we have work to do. First of all we unpacked Junebug and took her to storage. Our home is now filled with boxes and bags, (remember, Marj and I did some shopping along the way), so now the fun begins of putting it all away.

Rosie and Kaiser were very happy to get home….they ran around the backyard and sniffed in every corner. Howie was a bit sad in the last week on the road….he would be very happy to travel full time – but now that we’re home, he keeps saying how much he likes our home. There are certainly some things we missed. First, the obvious, space. Junebug has opposing slide outs, so for a motorhome, it’s spacious. Of course, it doesn’t compare to our home without wheels. Secondly, the water pressure. Junebug definitely has adequate water pressure, but it’s pure joy to have the shower pulsate down with surprising force. Third, a fenced in yard. When you have dogs, it gets a little old to have to leash and walk them every few hours. Fourth, a permanent building. While it really is not difficult to “set up” and “tear down”, it’s nice that our Naples home doesn’t have folding walls!

Having not lived in this home long before leaving on our journey, we are now having to refamiliarize ourselves with where things are. And we had just started understanding the Naples streets and store locations… seems we’re a bit lost again. But I’m sure we’ll catch on quickly.

So now life goes back to normal?? I’m not sure what that means….but we have some fun stuff coming up. First, it will be great to just relax a bit….maybe soak in the pool, go for a bike ride, read a good book, etc., etc. We do have some friends and family coming for a visit. Howie’s oldest daughter, Tracie and her husband, Mark are coming for a few days in December. I will be flying to Chicago on November 5th for 10 days – I need a grandkid fix. We have friends coming the end of February. And then there’s our annual “Sister’s week”, when we 5 girls get together – that’s coming in March. Throw in a couple of wonderful holidays and I think we’ll stay adequately busy for the winter months!

One other major event will be happening during the winter – Marj and I will be busy planning our next great adventure…..we hope to travel the East coast next summer. I’ll be posting on occasion over the next months but will pick up the usual pace sometime in July.

I hope you all have enjoyed following along with us. But I would really appreciate your input as I’m looking for suggestions on how to improve my blogging. So please, take a moment and submit your thoughts on what I should consider including or changing to make the reading more enjoyable. I value your following us and I value your input. Did you enjoy the photo contests? Were there too many or not enough photos? Did I post too often or not enough? Please, let me know your thoughts.

So, just one more thing to say……Happy Trails to you, until we meet again!

Peggy, Howie, Kaiser, and Rosie

Holiday Springs RV Resort, Spring Hill, FL (Weeki Wachi)

This is a very nice, clean RV park. In truth, it is more of a permanent RV community than a campground. Most of the RV’s are park models and are very well maintained and the grounds are nicely manicured. There is laundry facilities and a large spring fed outdoor pool. It is in a nice location, right off of US 19, but it is far enough off the road that you do not hear traffic noise. There are numerous stores and restaurants in close proximity.

Our site is a level cement pad, well distanced from neighboring sites. There are also grass yards between the sites. We have full hook ups as well as good over the air TV and we also have cable. The WIFI connection is EXCELLENT and our cell phones work without difficulty.


And finally….this has GOT to be the strangest growing tree in the nation! Would you agree?

Well, that’s the last “Campground” post for this particular journey. For those of you who plan to visit some of the places we’ve been, I hope that these post have proved to be of value to you. If you get to any of these campgrounds, drop me a line and let me know if you agree/disagree with our assessments. Our wish to you as you travel is……………….. HAPPY TRAILS!

Pick One…..Pick Just One!!

As I was going through my pics, preparing the “America the Beautiful” post, I realized that I have quite a few kind of fun and cool videos that I wasn’t able to include in the “photo” contests. So, here’s yet another contest to vote on. There are no “categories” so just pick your very favorite, for whatever reason! Again, when voting, the top one is # 1, the second is #2, and so forth.

I hope you had fun viewing and voting on these videos….they give just a glimpse as to some of the wonder we got to experience along the way.

The winning video will be announced along with the final photo contest…..that will be all the “winners” from the four photo contests to determine the best of the best.

Thanks to all for participating in the photo contests – it made it fun for me as I was always looking for “the perfect” shot along the way!



After traveling through so much of the western/southern part of our great country, I am refreshed by it’s beauty.  We’ve been through the plains, the mountains, the dessert, the caves and canyons as well as the gulf….all in all, we’ve been through a total of 20 different states, traveling just under 10,000 miles!  This journey has been an absolute joy and blessing.  Here are pictures which give reason to the words from                               “America the Beautiful“!


Oh, Beautiful, for spacious skies.…………..


For amber waves of grain…………

For purple mountains, majesty……

Above the fruited plains.…..

America, America, God shed His Grace on thee,

And crown thy good, with Brotherhood.…….

From sea to shining sea!

His beauty is all around us….we have been blessed!

And as always……HAPPY TRAILS!!!

Traveling in a motorhome. Come ride along with us!!!

It occurs to me that some of you may never have traveled in a motorhome. It actually takes a little getting used to – you’re higher up, it can be a bit noisy and bumpy but the view is unmistakably awesome! It’s like you’re in front of a cinemax screen watching the magnificent scenery rolling by.

So I thought it might be fun to show a few videos from the passenger seat of Junebug!

Well, that’s it for moving along in Junebug. I hope you enjoyed it…..let me know what you thought about it. Are you ready to run out an buy a motorhome? If you do, let us know and we’ll plan to meet up with you!!


Photo Contest #4 – the next will be the finale

Well, this is it folks….the last of the photo contests (except of course for the compilation of winners, which will be coming out in about a week or so).

As always, please submit a vote for each category, one for “Beautiful” (A) and one for “Fun/Cute”, (B). The 1st picture in each category is #1, the second is #2, and so on. Please take a moment to submit your votes. Your participation is appreciated.




Navarre, Florida

When our reservation at Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores, Alabama cancelled, due to continuing clean up efforts following Hurricane Sally, we had to scramble to find an alternative campground. We focused on Destin, Florida but quickly found that all the campgrounds were filled – so we began looking in the area and got the last opening at The Hideaway Retreat in Navarre, FL, about 45 minutes west of Destin. We have had a really nice time here, including the beach.

Once again, Marj and I found entertainment shopping the antique stores but today, Howie and I went to Navarre Beach. We had the perfect day….the temp was about 82, the breeze was constant but not too strong so it kept us cool. The sand was like white sugar…so soft and beautiful. The waves were quite substantial so we stayed in the more shallow water. As always, the birds kept us entertained as well but they didn’t stop Howie from catching a few Zzzz’s.

I always enjoy the challenge of capturing seagulls in flight….today was no exception!

I’m not sure what these two guy’s problem was, but they were certainly squawking about something!

This big guy stole the show. I think he was pretty accustomed to people.

He was a real beauty and very photogenic.

The end to a perfect day. Tomorrow we drive to our final Campground before heading for home. The end to this journey comes with mixed emotions….we have been blessed with safety, great weather, beautiful scenery, good eats, great company and a marvelous time. However, it’s always good to get home again and settle in again. So what will we do once we’re home?? Well, plan our NEXT journey, of course.

The Hideaway Retreat, Navarre, Florida

Another winner, winner….chicken dinner! This is a hidden gem, just as the name may suggest. This campground runs along side the gulf and is nestled among many mature trees, mostly magnolias! The lots are NOT “parking lot style” but are placed a bit hodge podge which gives it all a bit of charm.

As I mentioned, the campground is on water and has a nice beach. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sally recently took out their sea wall and pier, but the beach is still useable. The bathrooms are very nice and clean, as is the laundry room. There is no store on site, but there are plenty of stores to choose from in the area, as well as restaurants. There is a super nice playground, built for both kids and adults, nestled amount the magnolias – it features games such as beanbag toss, a yard size Connect 4 and tic tac toe, ladder ball, swings, and a large community fire pit. At night it’s lit up with fairy lights and it’s actually all used by the campers.

The campsites are level and gravel but each site has it’s own raised wooden platform. The connectivity here is great – excellent WIFI, great cable TV and our phones work without difficulty. (Satellite reception is difficult due to all the trees but it’s not needed!)

This is definitely a campground to put on your radar if you are ever in Navarre, Florida. (BTW – it’s about a 45 minute drive east to Destin)


If given the chance, we would definitely revisit this great little campground. HAPPY TRAILS!