Big News…….

So our plan was to return home after 5 weeks on the road for a grandson’s wedding. As I mentioned earlier, our home has been on the market since June 7th – we’ve had 1 viewing since we listed. Well, two days ago there was another viewing and we got an offer which we accepted after a bit of negotiation. We’ve been gone all of 1 week……I guess all we had to do to sell was to go on vacation! So we had to make all kinds of arrangements, including contacting an attorney, finding a moving truck and storage unit and canceling and rearranging our camping reservations. So we’ll be back home in a week to pack up our home! God takes such good care of us!

We’ve been here only three years but it’s time to move on.
So many great times here and fond memories!

We have truly enjoyed our home……but it’s time to move along. The big open road is calling us! We’ll try to stay in touch as we pack up!

So starts our full time RV journey…..

My last day as a full time nurse was on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. With our house “on the market”, we set out by 10 am Wednesday, September 4th. Our first destination was Nolin State Park in Kentucky near Mammoth Cave. It did not disappoint!

Walking out on my last day of work! Bittersweet!
Nolin Lake State Park in Kentucky – Site 002.

We love this state park campground. Very spacious, quiet and clean sites, equipped with a large pad and lots of trees in between sites to give maximum privacy. The price was reasonable at approximately $23/night for 50 amp and water. We score it a 10/10 and would return in a heartbeat!

Peaceful Nolin Lake
Two giant and one regular sized watermelons….the largest was 106 pounds! They grow things big here in Kentucky!
Tobacco fields – the next day we went past, they had been harvested. Below, they’re drying in the barn.

We went to Mammoth Cave for the day. There were multiple tours to choose from and we just couldn’t decide – so we signed up for two! Oh my….what did we do? 4.5 hours of underground hiking, descending down 250+ feet and up again with over 1100 stair steps. We did the Historical Tour which features cavernous openings which is how the cave got it’s name while the other tour, Frozen Niagra is famous for the “pretty formations” which you see in my pictures. We were exhausted but we completely enjoyed ourselves.

This is the only “natural” cave opening and it’s how you enter the cave on the “Historical Tour”. This tour showcases the true reason the cave system is named “Mammoth” due to the sheer unique size of the openings in this portion of the cave.
This is the man made openings for all other cave entrances. When they opened this “vault door”, I again had to wonder if I wanted to enter – creepy!
This pic is out of focus but it gives you a good idea of the descent into the caves.
Why the big smiles? We were at the end of the last tour and we had survived! You’d smile too!

So this is how it all began………

For several years, we had been researching motorhomes and floor plans and had really decided on the Winnebago 35G. It checked all the boxes for us which included a king size bed, washer and dryer, front end living room with the TV directly opposite from the seating area, a separate shower and NO dinette area. I would frequently pursue the RV sites and I came upon our ideal motorhome for the right price…..but it was in Florida and we were in Illinois. No worries….we called the dealer, booked our flight (one way) and took off for Florida. We were not disappointed – she was exactly what we wanted.

This is the first day that we met Junebug!

Just a bit nervous in this monster for about the first 2 hours before settling in..

But soon Howie was handling her like a pro!

Our first night together in Destin, Florida!

Meet Junebug……

This is our new home on wheels, a 2014 35 foot Winnebago Sightseer. We found her online in Ocala Florida and flew down to pick her up and drive her back to Illinois. We picked the name “Junebug” mostly because of her coloring but it suits her.

Junebug is pulling our VW Beetle convertible which we affectionately refer to as Ladybug!

Meet Junebug! If you look closely, you can see Rosie in the
front window!