Monet and Picasso are still alive and well!

Yes, Marj and I discovered yet another “art” shop in Whitefish, Montana, Stumptown Art Studio!  Here, we have spent hours cutting and fusing glass and Marj even did some creative painting on pottery.  The workers in the shop just kind of roll their eyes now as we mosey on in for our third or fourthContinue reading “Monet and Picasso are still alive and well!”

Catching you up on Monet and Picasso……

As you may have read in previous posts, my sister Marj and I (aka Monet Marj and Picasso Peggy) are aspiring artists!!  We have a lot of fun dabbling in this or that and we produce more laughter than art.  One day, maybe one of us will accidentally create a masterpiece! So, I made thisContinue reading “Catching you up on Monet and Picasso……”