One of our favorite meals – Howie’s Stir Fry!

Once we got our Blackstone Griddle, my life in the kitchen got a LOT easier. Howie has always been a good cook so he was a natural on the Blackstone. Plus, he started watching every YouTube ever made on cooking techniques and recipes. One of our absolute favorites is his Stir Fry. He cuts upContinue reading “One of our favorite meals – Howie’s Stir Fry!”

Huckleberries are actually a real thing…..

Yes, huckleberries do exist.  We first started hearing of them and seeing them in northern Idaho, but they are really a big deal here in northwestern Montana.  We are very lucky to be here in August as they are ready for harvest this month.  Here, they are known as the Montana blueberry and they onlyContinue reading “Huckleberries are actually a real thing…..”