Pontchartrain Landing, New Orleans, LA

This is our second time staying here at Pontchartrain Landing when visiting NOLA. This time we had a really nice site compared to last time we were here. Our site is a gravel pull through and very level. There is plenty of space between sites, unlike the back in sites. There is no shade butContinue reading “Pontchartrain Landing, New Orleans, LA”

Our Hearts Were Saddened Along the Route to New Orleans!

We traveled on Interstate 10 on our way to New Orleans. It took us right through the path of Hurricane Delta which hit Louisiana hard just 3 days earlier. Especially the area of Lake Charles, LA, who were still recovering from Hurricane Laura which devastated the town in August. Here is some of what weContinue reading “Our Hearts Were Saddened Along the Route to New Orleans!”

You lose some…..you win some!

We absolutely love Gulf State Park Campground in Gulf Shores, Alabama so we were so happy to include them in our itinerary! Needless to say, we have been anxiously watching their clean up process following Hurricane Sally. It looked like their progress was going to allow us to keep our upcoming reservation, but today weContinue reading “You lose some…..you win some!”

Speegleville Park, Waco, TX

Now this is our kind of campground! We have mostly stayed in private campgrounds, which has it’s benefits, but we definitely enjoy more privacy, quiet, and space between campers. That’s exactly what we got here at Speegleville Park. Instead of a pool, it has beautiful Lake Waco. Instead of traffic noise, it has the soundContinue reading “Speegleville Park, Waco, TX”

What’s in Waco? Something as sweet as Magnolias!

Yes, we are in Waco, Texas and YES, we are at Magnolia Silos!! We couldn’t be in Texas without planning a stop in Waco. Most of you have probably heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, creators and stars of “Fixer Upper”, a home improvement show. This is the town where they live and own TheContinue reading “What’s in Waco? Something as sweet as Magnolias!”

Remembering the Alamo. San Antonio, TX

Yesterday, we spent the day in San Antonio, Texas. Our first stop was at Alamo Mission in San Antonio, better known as The Alamo. This historic building is located in the heart of downtown, but the setting is park-like. Of course, the most famous of those who died there in 1836 were William Travis,Davy CrockettContinue reading “Remembering the Alamo. San Antonio, TX”

Top of the Hill RV Resort & Cabins, Boerne, TX (Alamo/SanAntonio)

We like this place!! First of all, it’s been a while since we’ve seen green grass (been in the desert too long) so our first impression was favorable. It is as it states, and the campground DOES sit at the top of a hill so you have a good view. However, Interstate 10 runs rightContinue reading “Top of the Hill RV Resort & Cabins, Boerne, TX (Alamo/SanAntonio)”

Carlsbad Caverns…..gorgeous! But the trip there was “out of this world”!

We had about a 9 hour drive from Santa Fe to Carlsbad….and I have to say that it seemed even longer as the scenery really didn’t change the entire time. It is desert and it all looks the same. There was certainly one major diversion along the way and that was going through Roswell, NewContinue reading “Carlsbad Caverns…..gorgeous! But the trip there was “out of this world”!”

Carlsbad KOA, Carlsbad, New Mexico

We had quite a surprise when we arrived…..Carlsbad Caverns is 45 minutes away!!! The name is a bit deceiving. Also, the swimming pool is closed (no New Mexico pools were inspected this year) and the restaurant is closed (another Covid strike). The sites are gravel and level but you must watch where you walk dueContinue reading “Carlsbad KOA, Carlsbad, New Mexico”