We’re Not In Kansas Anymore! Sites on Route 66

Nope! We’re in O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, OKLAHOMA!!! (Makes me want to break into song!) We’ll be here for a total of 5 days and we’re focusing on three major areas of interest. First, we want to visit several Route 66 icons – did you know that the longest stretch of the famous highway is through Oklahoma? Next,Continue reading “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore! Sites on Route 66”


Many of you have been asking if we are traveling again this summer and the answer is “yes”. But we decided to try something a bit different this year….instead of moving from one town to the next, we spent 3 months in Shipshewana, Indiana! I accepted a work camp position at Shipshewana Campground South Park,Continue reading “HI, EVERYONE…..YES, WE’RE BACK ON THE ROAD!”

Bowald-fest Our annual family reunion!

This year Bowald-fest was held in Michigan City, Indiana which proves to be pretty centrally located for most family members. It’s just about equal distance for those living in Indiana, Chicago-land and Central Illinois. Marj and Larry and we parked in a campground and hosted Friday night’s weinie roast and campfire. The rest of theContinue reading “Bowald-fest Our annual family reunion!”

Minocqua, Wisconsin The North Woods

Driving in the Wisconsin North Woods was like embracing an old friend. For those of you who do not know, we lived in Minocqua for about 16 years so visiting was like coming home! We parked our motorhome along side the driveway of our good friends, Kathy and Smokey and it was great renewing thatContinue reading “Minocqua, Wisconsin The North Woods”


Here is the next set of photos. As always, please vote for ONE picture under EACH category, Most Beautiful and Most Cute/Funny – that’s a total of two votes per person. Please indicate which photo you choose by submitting the photo name found at the bottom of each photo. MOST BEAUTIFUL…. MOST FUNNY/CUTE…. To keepContinue reading “PHOTO CONTEST – Part II”

River Road RV and Campground Ontonagon, Michigan

Driving from Yorkville, IL to Ontonagon, MI is a very long day in Junebug. If you don’t believe me, ask our dogs!!! Add to the 430 mile trip, a good 45 minute delay/detour due to the interstate being closed down for a traffic accident and another 60 minutes for a lunch/dinner break and that putContinue reading “River Road RV and Campground Ontonagon, Michigan”

Ontonagon, Michigan The U.P. (Upper Penninsula)

We had crossed the border from Wisconsin into Michigan for about 5 minutes when we were treated to seeing a black bear! It ran across the road about 80 yards in front of us but by the time we got even with it, it had already disappeared into the woods….sorry, no picture. Along the way,Continue reading “Ontonagon, Michigan The U.P. (Upper Penninsula)”

Yorkville, IL – a slight change in plans because family comes first!

We were originally scheduled to spend a week in Michigan, traveling north through Mackinaw Island, then over into northern Wisconsin. However, my 9 year old grandson, Garrett was exposed to Covid on the bus and is too young to stay home alone. My daughter, Amanda, a single mom, just started a new teaching position andContinue reading “Yorkville, IL – a slight change in plans because family comes first!”